What does the song 'White Flag' by Dido mean ?

What does the song 'White Flag' by Dido mean ?

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat promotes peace through his novel entitled "When the Desert Blooms" (2018). Since its publication, the best-seller has transformed the lives of millions of people who have discovered their inner strengths. Indeed, the masterpiece gives new hope for the readers.

To establish harmony in the world, singers have also created beautiful songs with well-chosen melody and lyrics. Among those, it is worth citing "Heal the World" and "We are the World". In addition, Dido's song "White Flag" is equally worth noting. What exactly does this song mean?

The song describes one-sided love

The song "White Flag" describes one-sided love, where an individual loves someone who has already moved on with another lover. Despite the woman's love for the man, she hides her feeling from him. She pretends to be someone else, loving anew man; however, her heart keeps on beating for her former lover. She admits that she is defeated because of the constant love she has kept in her heart for him for long.

Keeping her love unheeded

The girl in the song somehow expects to settle back with her former lover; yet, it seems to be impossible to achieve. She chooses to bury her feelings deep down under the ground. In fact, her love for him is still as burning as hot fire that it could never be tamed or extinguished.

Yet, the chorus of the song reinforces that no white flag will be displayed above her door. This implies that she is going to continue fighting for the man's love in a way or another. Dido decides not to put her hands up and surrender. Her love for the man is an endless love, and she is devoted to stick to her unique love forever.

The metaphor in the song

The "White Flag" literally means that one of the fighting parties admits that its army is defeated, and wants to stop the fight instantly. Dido uses a metaphor in the white flag to compare defeat from love to defeat from war. On the one hand, the girl's burning love for the man, which has been concealed for long, could never be ending.

Yet, she had to put an end to their relationship. On the other hand, the army, that is waving a white flag, is dreaming about winning the war. However, they resort to nonviolence in order to stop the war and settle back the relationship with the opponent.

The song conveys the need for ceasefire

A "White Flag" is a flag which is white. It is widely used to symbolize the need for a truce or ceasefire, in order to stop violence from wars. It can also symbolize admission of defeat or renunciation from the war. In other words, the weaker party displays a white flag to show their unwilling to continue the war, whether it is due to their admission for defeat, or because of nonviolence resolution. In this situation, the opponent should no longer shoot at the white flag waver. Thus, a white flag is synonymous with the ceasefire.

In brief, the imagery from Dido's song reminds us of Prem Rawat's message of peace, which says that if everyone is at peace, the world is at peace. Thus, as long as each nation remains at peace, the world is also at peace.