White Flag For Peace 

White Flag For Peace 

Over time, peace has been symbolized by many people, things or signs. People like Prem Rawat or Gandhi for example are among the best known symbols of peace. There is also the white dove or the olive branch, signs of peace used by several organizations as a logo. But one of the most common symbols of peace, beyond Prem Rawat or the dove is undoubtedly the white flag. Anywhere in the world, this flag is a sign of peace.

Origin of the use of the white flag

We found traces of the use of the white flag in the 109s by the Roman army, before that when the Roman army asked to parley and / or surrender the Roman soldiers put their shields on the head.

The use of the white flag may have expanded across continents, for example the Portuguese chronicler Gaspar Correia wrote in the 1547s that, in 1502, an Indian prince, Zamorin of Calicut, sent negotiators wearing a "white cloth tied to a stick "," as a sign of peace ", to his enemy Vasco Da e Grotius in De jure belli ac pacis (The Law of War and Peace).

One of the founding texts of international law, recognized the white flag as a "sign, in which use has a meaning; "it was" a tacit sign of requests to parley, and must be as obligatorily recognized, as if it is expressed in words."

White: color of peace

The white color symbolizes virginity, innocence, purity, simplicity but also knowledge. It also represents strength, light, wisdom and the divine. Indeed, in some religions, white would purify and discharge his guilt. If we think of marriage with the famous white wedding dress, this shade can also mean the absence of defects but also faithfulness.

Note that in India and many Asian countries, white is the color of mourning, the color towards which the soul of the deceased is oriented.

A large number of symbols of peace is associated with the color white, because it transmits peace, calm, serenity and security according to many philosophies and across a multitude of civilizations. It is bright and positive, unlike the black color which is dark and carries negative feelings. White is the color of purity.

Why is the white flag white?

The white flag is a symbol of peace around the world. No soldier who wears a white flag should be attacked. The message conveyed by the white flag is "I am not armed, I surrender / I am neutral, possibly I seek to negotiate".

The white flag was officially recognized by The Hague Convention in 1899 at the International Peace Conference.

Long before that, white being the royal color, the white flag was also the flag of the kingdom of France (from the end of the Middle Ages until 1830). Already at that time, it was to show respect for the French army that its enemies brandished it on the battlefields.

It is said that white was originally chosen for its reference to the virginity of Mary, under whose protection Louis XIII had decided to place the kingdom of France. It is also said to have been the flag of Joan of Arc. Above all, the English at war against the kingdom of France had chosen red for their own flag.

Generally speaking, white was then above all the color of military officers par excellence, since it was easier to spot from a distance.